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On-going  2023
Medium:   Photography/video

In realms where senses merge with the mind's embrace,

I tread the forest of reality and imagination's grace.

I venture slyly through the nasal expanse,

Flowing into lungs, in ethereal dance.

There, I dissolve, lost in imagination's sea,

As senses and spirit converge, setting me free.

A radiant beam, where "feeling" and "spirit" unite,

In the triangle's embrace, with "I" as their light.

Words fail to capture the essence so grand,

Yet they strike with force, a call to understand.

Compelled to speak, and more than mere words convey,

This inner torrent demands to find its own way.

Through this vessel, this sacred frame of mine,

Senses and spirit converge, intertwined.

They grant me the power to feel and create,

To shape the external world, to articulate.

Thus, the body becomes a beguiling lure,

Drawing forth both worlds, and my spirit pure.




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